Practice Areas

Oil, Gas, and Energy

For thirty years, Albert Neely & Kuhlmann has consistently provided a wide array of legal services to a diverse range of clients in the oil and gas sector. The firm is proud to represent some of the country’s foremost oil and gas exploration and production companies as well as many smaller independent operators, producers, and landowners.

The firm’s multi-state energy practice includes a focus on title examination as well as advising clients on all energy-related issues. Additionally, Albert, Neely & Kuhlmann handles the many facets of oil and gas transactions, including purchases and sales, document preparation, and all other matters incident and necessary to the modern oil and gas business.

Our experienced team of oil and gas attorneys includes multiple partners with more than thirty years of practice in the field and numerous additional attorneys with field and in-house land experience. The firm’s dedication to the industry and our clients enables us to provide informed legal services throughout all areas of Texas, as well as Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, North Dakota, Montana, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Real Estate

Since its inception in 1986, Albert, Neely & Kuhlmann has represented clients in all aspects of the commercial and residential real estate business. From transactional planning and preparation of letters of intent, through negotiation and drafting of purchase and sale agreements, pre-closing management of the transaction, dispute resolution if it arises, and the conduct of due diligence, to bringing the transaction across the finish line at closing, we have provided our real estate expertise to clients both as a separate practice area and as support for our core oil and gas practice.

The importance of careful and thorough document preparation, gleaned from our many years of litigation and transaction experience, informs and guides our handling of projects that span the gamut of the business, including commercial and residential subdivision development, municipal and county level zoning and planning, entity formation, real and personal property acquisition and disposition, construction, commercial leasing, and securitized loan initiation and assumption, to name but a few. We believe attention to detail on the front end ultimately avoids confrontation by foreseeing and safely navigating around the potential pitfalls that can occur in a land transaction.

Through our years of practice, we have developed relationships with experts in fields outside our core areas from whom we draw support when the need arises, whether those issues involve environmental, tax, bankruptcy, commercial lending, litigation, title, or other questions. In short, Albert, Neely & Kuhlmann has the experience to understand, and professionally handle, all areas of commercial and residential real estate law – and the integrity to do so in the highest ethical manner.